Words May Not Be Found

Performance | 2017

KW Institute of Contemporary, 2017
Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, 2018
Click Festival, Elsinore, Denmark, 2019

More than a century after the German military campaign in South West Africa, the conflict that emerged in response to an insurrection by the Nama and Herero peoples of Namibia remains a source of collective trauma for both nations. The traumatic nature of this history is due in not only to the scale of violence that was carried out against civilians but also to the efforts to suppress the sole document that contained Namibian testimony relating to the conflict. Fusco’s performance focuses on the struggle over the words of the native informants.

For nearly three decades, Fusco has delved into historical records and colonial archives to create works that tease out subtexts and counter-narratives embedded in them. In this performance, she seeks to draw out parallels between colonial and contemporary perceptions of non-western “others.”