The Postponed Event

Performance | 2000

Espacio Aglutinador, La Habana, Cuba

Photo: Juan Carlos Alom

For this performance, I was buried in a vertical position up to my chest in Cuban soil in the yard outside the gallery for three hours, beginning at dusk. During that time I wrote the same letter (in Spanish) over and over, leaving the copies out for members of the audience to take if they wished. The letter read:

My dear ones,
I am writing this letter to tell you that I am alive. For many years I feared that if I told the truth you would suffer at the hands of those who buried another woman in my name. I can no longer stand not being able to tell you that I exist. Not a day has passed without my dreaming of you. Fortunately I can say that I recovered from the ordeal that resulted in my departure. I will send more news soon.

With love, C.