The Year of the White Bear and Two Undiscovered Amerindians visit the West

Performance with Guillermo Gómez-Peña | 1992 - 1994

An interdisciplinary arts project that premiered in September, 1992 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. Written, directed and performed in collaboration with Guillermo Gomez- Peña. Consists of a multi-media installation, experimental radio soundtrack and several performances. The project is a creative investigation/interpretation of the history of representation of the so-called “discovery” of America. The cage performance, a component of the project in which Gomez-Peña and Fusco present themselves as “undiscovered Ameridians” from an island in the Gulf of Mexico, and has been carried out in Madrid, London, Washington D.C., Irvine, California, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. That performance has been selected for the 1992 Sydney Biennale and the 1993 Whitney Biennial.